Sunday, January 16, 2011

One More Night

What's the point of having tact
when everything is going to get me attacked
so even in my subtle tactful way
when I begin to say
I hate you and the way you are
but hey what's the point add punctuation
to the cause
an exclamation
because you don't listen anyways
but what can I expect from someone
who turns their eye from the pain
that controls my life
but you better keep on learning because my temper
is burning and I'm yearning
to tell you what a fucking moron you are
but who believes in wishing on a star
it must be great to live where they are
because there are no stars in this place
I call home
They say you reap what you sow
so I'm reaping
not sowing
because nothing in this wasteland
seems to be growing
as I spend my nights
creating masterpieces I call
Waiting for crimson to soak the sky as
I lye awake
one more night.

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