Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warm Blood and Cold Feet

Caught up in the midst
of a night that dies too young
is the sweet silence of secrets
that caress and hold one another
with warm blood and cold feet.
Heavy air drenched with stars
fill the lungs
that whisper and scream
the dearest desires held inside.
Walls spin and collide
in a happy tragedy
that will be remembered
until it's demise with time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sweet wine sprint through my veins
and disguise this pain
and calamity as
a calm and peaceful sea.
Sweet wine wet my lips
with the taste of something
much too sweet for me to
Sweet wine fill this imprint
on my empty bed with a
soul to hold me tight at night.
Sweet wine dance me to the
break of day when all the pretty
words I say turn to dust
to be swept under
the proverbial rug that I
pronounce as reality.
Sweet wine
show yourself as an
entity to hold
To hold my
To hold my
And laugh at all my stupid jokes.
Sweet wine...
just let me dream,
even if just for the night.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Bird

Little bird,
who taught you these words
you speak?
When you talk to
a desire
a hangup
a flaw.
Little bird,
where will these words
take you?
Through the affections
that make up your life?
Invisible strings
that hold up the things
that are most dear
to this thing you call heart.
Little bird,
where will these words
fly you
as you polish wings
made of stone.
Little bird,
will the ground
catch you the second time around?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Small hours

I hold on tight to the morning
till I become a victim to the demise
of night
when the weight of the day lay on my chest
and holds my eyes against the light.
These words will always fall
but who will catch them?
As I spin into a place where I am
in this secret place I am held captive
till the dawn breaks through
my lips
with day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One More Night

What's the point of having tact
when everything is going to get me attacked
so even in my subtle tactful way
when I begin to say
I hate you and the way you are
but hey what's the point add punctuation
to the cause
an exclamation
because you don't listen anyways
but what can I expect from someone
who turns their eye from the pain
that controls my life
but you better keep on learning because my temper
is burning and I'm yearning
to tell you what a fucking moron you are
but who believes in wishing on a star
it must be great to live where they are
because there are no stars in this place
I call home
They say you reap what you sow
so I'm reaping
not sowing
because nothing in this wasteland
seems to be growing
as I spend my nights
creating masterpieces I call
Waiting for crimson to soak the sky as
I lye awake
one more night.

Faire des Autels

Drink a drop
and break the chain
of events that forge the generations
that fill your mind with romance
and tragedy.
Grasp for hope
as you slip through
invisible events as you leave pieces
of yourself to time
as you fade into something that is deep
and strong on the maps that create your world.
Live for yourself
with an eye for and eye leaving the whole
world blind.
Head for the light and escape.
Faire des autels.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Into Misery

Can't sleep in this endless dream
that picks me up and slams me
into reality
into life
into love
that seeps into my bones
like a sickness
that lacks a cure.
Keep your dim eyes off my candlelight
at the table we create with linens
and silver and pretty things.
Are you as happy as you say you are?
Cause I have my doubts
when the lights go out
that you just grasp my hand
to let it go
as I slam into reality
into life
into love.
Into misery.