Monday, August 30, 2010

The big fat wallet and the obese shoulder angel

What a day. I think I am getting too old for college. I mastered the art of free parking today, granted it did involve residential streets, a long journey, and some sweat. I was pretty pleased with myself. After a long day of digital media and watercolors, I found a place to squat and study while I wait for karaoke hour with the gals. Sure enough, whenever I'm broke, God sends me a lost wallet or purse to slap me in the face with. I found a big thick wallet (similar to the one above) sitting in a booth with no one around. My little shoulder devil screams in my ear "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!!" but my little obese shoulder angel guided me to security where the wallet will remain until the owner returns. I feel good that I may have helped someone's day out with honesty, but man does it suck being good! I just think it's God's way of reminding me I'm 'rich' in other ways.

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