Friday, July 2, 2010

My story...

Dear blog, I have missed you! I'm in Austin this week for Spamtown Freedom Fest ( dorky name, I know). I'm vending once again for Hollywould Designs. I've been busy adding some new pieces to my collection as well as crazy busy with home life. So much has happened since I updated last, so let me just highlight some of the better parts:

Had my first outdoor vending experience in good ol' Mt. Lake. My booth smelled like poo cause I was right next to the petting zoo, but overall I was very impressed with my booth and I found new homes for some of my originals.

I got caught in some ugly weather in New Ulm! I was at my friend Rachel's house when the sirens started going off. We joked around for a bit, but then it got scary and we headed into her 150 year old cellar. We were pretty scared and found out later that a tornado touched down less than a mile away from her house! My car caught some awesome hail to document the trip!

I went and picked the wall I will be painting for YMCA's Chesley skate park in Mankato. 8 feet tall and 20 feet long baby! I have big plans! I will hopefully begin painting on Monday. I will take lots of pics!
Sullivan painted his first picture this week! Eleanor helped a little too. They made a big painting for Grandpa's sweet little Poocasso!

My 1938 anatomy book has cogs spinning in my head. Here are two new pieces I did. The stomach and butterflies is in a shadow box. I used ink and spray paint for both pictures. I kind of hope I never sell them...I think they would look awesome in my house!
And finally, I am reading this amazing book by Donald Miller that my dear friend Ugly loaned me. I have to read a chapter and stop and reflect. It's a book that challenges the way you look at your personal story in life. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm living the best story. Very cool. I promise to write more about it when I am finished.

I have some very exciting trips and events coming up in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted!

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