Sunday, June 13, 2010

Night Vision

Summer has returned to me full force. My evenings are once again enriched with good wine, reading, foreign films, fires, and art. It's all good, except I get horribly stir-crazy and want to find more culture and go on adventures. It's definitely fuel to my fire. Here's some pics of some of my amazing thrift store books I promised earlier. I'm really in love with my 1938 Anatomy textbook and the illustrations in my 1918 Biography of a Million Dollars. It's going to take a lot of will power to keep them intact and not use them for art projects! I'm still busy getting ready for Pow Wow this weekend when I debut Hollywould Designs. I hope Mountain Lake is ready for me! Have a wonderful night...

My kind of love (c) 2010

The Northeast corner of my ear (c) 2010
Jolly (c) 2010

Bling (c)
A mille (c) 2010

Look at my heart 1938 (c) 2010
Night Vision (c) 2010
Medallions (c) 2010

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