Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 7+ and then some!

Well, as a busy mother and artist I left my blog on the sidelines AGAIN! Finals week was killer and the blog was the first thing to go. Since school ended I have been busy with the good and bad [mostly good] and I will try my hardest to catch you up:

I can cross another thing off my "25 before 26" list. Got another tattoo!
Ugly and I had our "We Heart the Country" photo shoot and got some real gems despite the winds!

I hit Ugly's car on the way to the bar. In my driveway. Sorry Frank.

Me and my dear friends attended Post Secret at Gustavus. It was great to share some secrets with good friends. Then we went to the bar for Cinco de Mayo and caused some mayhem.

Photo courtesy Allyson Ruth
Went to NEMAA's annual Art-a-Whirl with Ugly and our new friend Vinny. Toured this awesome old movie theatre that I want to buy!
Photo courtesy Jaron Roberts
Did I mention we jumped in a giant foam pit!? Then we ate at The Holy Land and discovered there is truly nothing "holy" about that place!

I helped my friend Jade make a Lady Gaga inspired dress out of police tape for a cosmetology fashion show. It was semi-classy.

Oh yea, got another tattoo. My friends and I rented out a parlor for a day and all got some new tats. I got 2 Kings 4:30 which says " And the mother said to the child, as long as you live and as long as the Lord lives, I shall never leave you."

I also got to go to the races with the hubby. We went to the USMTS show for Memorial Day weekend and also regular races at Chateau Raceway.

The day after I decided to go on a 7 mile bike ride for the first time in 5 years, we helped Ugly move to her new apt in the cities. Don't ever rent a U-Haul. Shady.
Finished up illustrating Ugly's book she wrote for Arthouse Coop's Fiction Project. "Happy Fifth of July"

It's been a fulfilling summer so far. I got my grades from school and I managed to get a 4.0 this semester. Straight A's and two A+'s. I'm pretty proud. The munchkins are growing fast too! Thing 1 is talking up a storm and Thing 2 is lifting his head, eating cereal already, and rolling over! I've been busy making money with my art and so far it's been going really well. I'll try to stop and take a break long enough to post some more updates! La vie est bonne!

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