Monday, March 29, 2010


This made me laugh so hard I cried! I want to put a beat to it and rap this whole is on my 25 before 26 list....
Warning: heavy language!

This essay was written by an 8th grader in Pittsburgh in the spring of
2004. The assignment was to pick an enangered species, and explain why
it's important to save it. The typos and formatting are preserved from
the original.

Richard Draft 2

I shouldn't do shit. I don't care about them they all
could die and it won't affect my life. I know a lot about them
but I don't need to think about them. They're just a waste of
time koalas are stupid they don't help me with shit so why
should I help them. If they all die there will be more room for
the panthers and all the other hard animals. Koalas are weak a
pit will get rid of their whole fucking family. That's why I
don't like koalas.
Koalas have sharp claws but they are weak. They all small
and fat and they be climing trees. I hope a storm just come
while theyjust chilling up in the tree thinking they is hard and
they're will all just fall off. They just break they neck and
shit. When they fall they claws are going to fall off and they
going to be crying like some little bitches.
Koalas aren't hard they some little bitches. They start
climbing up the tree soon as they see a deer from like 50feet
away. They stupid as hell they should put their brain in their
pouch and put the kid in they ten they're be able to think
better. They try to be in the fucking kangaroo family. They weak
as hell, talking bout they got a pouch a kangaroo so they their
cousins and shit. Kangaroo's have some big ass legs and whot do
a koala got? Some little ass legs, they tails is little and weak
as fuck kangaroo's got a big ass long tail that can kill a
fucking koala.
If a koala goes in the water it won't be able to breathe
with its little short ass. It'd fucking drown soon aas it take
one step into the water. While they at the river trying to get
something to drink a bear could just come to him and snatch its
ass up. It doesn't know protection because they don't have
protection. What they little ass going to do? It can't scratch
him. The bear will beat his fucking ass.
The important think about koalas is that just don't care
about tem and let them die by all the other animals in
Australia. They're not important just let nature do what it do
and kill them. Koalas do not have a place in this world there's
not enough room for all the bitches in this world. So let all
the koalas that's in the zoos and shit. Let them go and put them
back with their family. If you let them all go they won't
nothing except for that's what they was put in this world for.
Now you know why koalas aren't important. They have
nothing to do except for sitting around in the trees. It's like
they just was like they was sent have to die. Koalas don't do
nothing to help anybody. Thre would be just one more relative of
the kangaroo that will be six feet under. Now you know why
koalas are not important because there are dumb.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Folly

Two of my pieces will be displayed at the Carnegie Arts Center in Mankato for the "Art of Folly" exhibit opening April 2nd. The show displays works reminiscient to the works of Francisco Goya. His 274th birthday is March 31st. There will be prizes awarded for best in show and honorable mentions. I'm super excited to take the whole family to my first public show! If you're in Kato, make sure to swing by and check it out!

Ink on Paper

Acrylic Ink on Paper

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love and Luck

We have a new addition to the family! Sullivan Davan was born 8:58 am on Saint Patrick's Day. He was 3 1/2 weeks early, but weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz and is healthy and very strong. He is 19.25" long. His big sister Ella was born on Valentine's Day, so it's kind of ironic we have another holiday to double task!
I'm still attending school full-time at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I'm very nervous and overwhelmed about finishing the semester though with two children while breastfeeding and commuting from an hour away. One day at a time! I spent my whole spring break waiting for baby. I had seen my doctor and found out I was dilated to a 2 and he told me I would be in labor within the week. I spent the whole week at home frantically cleaning and nesting to prepare. Well, the whole week came and went with no appearance from baby. My doctor told me to just continue with my regular schedule.

My last prego pic, taken the morning I went into labor!

I went to school on the 15th, feeling kind of crummy and very nervous that my water might break in the middle of art class, but nothing happened. On Tuesday, I felt crummy again, but no contractions. I went to Windom with my husband to get some errands done and shortly after getting home, my water broke. We went to the hospital and shortly after, my contractions began...steady and painful. They gave me medicine to see of they could stop the labor since I was early, but nothing helped. This little guy was ready to meet the world. Around the time I was dilated between a 6 and 7 I asked for pain meds. The nurses told me that because I was an early pregnancy, that they didn't want to give pain meds for the sake of the baby's vitals. While I dilated to about an 8 when they finally gave me pain medicine after I cried and told them I was going to get mean, break all the windows in the hospital and send my husband out to find me some illegal drugs. The medicine helped for about 4 hours and wore off...just in time to push! YAY! It was okay though, about three minutes of pushing and I had a crying, beautiful baby boy in my arms.

Jason and I admiring our latest creation

The last couple days at home have been good. We are all still in a haze and Ella is not yet sure what to think about the little guy. So far, she just avoids him. She was more excited when we brought home our pet lizard, Zilla. She'll be okay with time I'm sure. I'm starting to feel the crazy hormones take over, but physically, I feel great. I'm busy catching up on all my homework, but it is very hard to concentrate and find adequate time. We are enjoying our time as a new family of four and excited for the adventures and memories to come!

Eleanor checking out the new arrival at the hospital

Sully and I resting at the hospital