Monday, January 18, 2010

Devil's Advocate

Went to visit the in-laws over the weekend in Austin. Saturday night we went to the Alcoholics Anonymous hall for a potluck with the folks. My husband's parents have been sober for 25 years and still attend meetings regularly. I kind of felt like the devil's advocate though, I used to bartend in Austin and I ran into three of my former, very loyal customers. The hall is an old square dance hall and has a springboard floor and tons of charm. The square dancers photo was actually an inlay on the kitchen floor. Very cool! I'm thinking about changing my decorating motif!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's finally here!

I found this BEAUTIFUL necklace on Etsy. It's a medal from the Knights Templar conclave in Denver in 1892. So cool! Jason bought it as a belated birthday gift. He originally got me Victoria Secret pj's...but they for some reason made my 7 month pregnant body feel really sad and dumpy. So we returned the pink pj's and I got this's a much better fit! The seller had it packaged so cute, and even included a hand-written thank you note!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

120 Miles

I just started my second semester at Mankato State University this week. I'm taking three online classes: Composition, Critical Rhetoric (a graduate-level class I blindly signed up for...we'll see...), and Urban Studies. On campus I am taking Drawing and Design Foundations for my BFA. I commute from an hour away and my I-pod is my best friend. These are my current fav songs for the spring, 120 mile trek:

Shiver- Coldplay (appropriate with recent weather)
Brighter Than Sunshine- Aqualung
Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
Giving Up- Ingrid Michealson
Fast Car- Tracy Chapman (appropriate for my highway skillz)
Sunshine- Atmosphere (my commute starts at 6 am and the sunshine is unfortunately not up till about 8 am...sad)
Crack the Shutters- Snow Patrol
Delicate- Damien Rice
Sweet Pea- Amos Lee
Never Say Never- The Fray
Devils and Angels- Toby Lightman
Chasing Pavements- Adele

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

25 before 26

In honor of a new year and a recent birthday, I have decided to accomplish these 25 things before I turn 26. Thanks to my friend for the great idea.

1. Write a rap
2. Go to the ocean
3. Re-read Fahrenheit 451
4. Get another tattoo
5. Blog more
6. Get a 4.0
7. Make MSU art show
8. Host art show
9. Paint bedroom lime green
10. Make professional portfolio
11. Take a legit family studio pic
12. Get hot tub working
13. Read e.e. cummings complete poems
14. Go to a sushi bar
15. Participate in polar plunge
16. Go to a vineyard
17. Watch the whole Godfather series
18. Play more piano
19. Learn all the words to Lil Wayne's "A Mille"
20. Get a blue-tongued skink
21. Learn more French
22. Watch more classic movies
23. Go to city-wide garage sales
24. Learn origami art
25. Go on a roadtrip