Monday, October 5, 2009

Like mother, Like daughter

I learned to handle my relatives with grace. I learned how to get that extra discount on a clearance item no matter what. I learned to stand up for my family, even when they are wrong. I learned that your child’s first year pictures are necessary and to send out thank you letters in a timely manner. I learned that “no” is not an answer and that “bored “is a swear word. I learned that you never admit in front of a man that you shave your legs… or anywhere else for that matter. (apparently they think it just happens…) I learned how to plan a wedding for under a thousand bucks. I learned that a house is not a home until you have a pet possum. I learned the 4H pledge by heart. I learned how to knit two, pearl one. I learned all of the half-off days at the thrift stores in a hundred mile radius. I learned that the best milkshakes in the world are shamrock shakes from McDonalds. I learned how to skillfully barter at garage sales and how to impress the hardest judge. I learned how to put my hair in hot rollers all by myself. I learned to ask permission before starting to date. I learned that a cell phone will not necessarily help the long-distance problem, and that you were serious about taking it away when I didn’t pay the bill. I learned that our trips to Kohls always resulted in a van-load of bags. I learned that eagles are worth stopping to photograph on Highway 169 even if it almost causes a multi-car pileup. I learned that wildflowers are always worth the walk in the ditch and with a little luck you can transplant ditch roses. I learned that it is worth getting a cat if you have a super unique name for it already picked out. I learned that those people I always tried to impress, really aren’t that great after all. I learned that it’s always better to give than to receive, even if it’s my last. I learned how to make a whole outfit by hand and lie about where I bought it. I learned that a May Day basket is just as important as a Christmas gift. I learned that the feathers on a pheasant may be pretty, but they are really hard to pluck off of a fresh bird. I learned how to make jewelry out of potatoes. I learned how to make dinosaur eggs with prizes inside. I learned that Christmas trees can work year-round as d├ęcor. I learned how to snowshoe. I learned how to get your favorite toy in your McDonald’s happy meal. I learned that you are more likely to get presents from family if you send them a Christmas letter each year. I learned how to set a formal dining room place setting. I learned how to quilt. I learned that piano lessons were worth it, even when I didn’t like to practice. I learned what “grace under fire” means. I learned how to care for Papa, even when he’s being a whiner. I learned how to look out for my brothers, humor them and how to keep them out of trouble. I learned that no matter how long I would have had you on earth, I could have never said I loved you enough. I learned that the best honor for a mother, is for her to daughter to honor her memory and keep it alive.


  1. you also learned that even a mother can't keep you away from ME!