Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

Wow. It has been hectic around this part of the part of the woods. I'll summarize all the craziness in my signature scattered way. Here's the highlights of my life...

* Mother's day sucked again this year. I spent the whole day cleaning and then hubby wouldn't wake up...(gotta love the night shifts) so I went to work to do some weekend cleaning. I did get a sweet Life Times Mom photo book from the in-laws and petunias from church. Elle made me a flower out of her handprints at daycare. That made me smile... Precious.

* My dad got me 6 banty hens for Mother's day. Three died today of mysterious causes. Boo. They are neat though. Elle named them all "Oddddddddyyyy". Cute.

*My pug chewed the head off a rat and dropped it off on the step of the front door outside. Yummy. I think he has some rage issues. Yuck.

*I'm finally going to get my diploma. I was 1/2 a credit short and never got it in 2003. I'm doing a college prep class and in about 5 weeks I will finally have a diploma from my school and hopefully be accepted at Mankato State so I can take some art classes. ( Good run-on sentence...) Whoo Hoo.

* Took Elle to her first races in Jackson. It was so miserably cold and windy! Her and I left after the heats and went to Burger King. Sad.

* My younger brother graduates on Friday. In absence of my Mom, that makes me the designated party planner. I HAVE NOTHING DONE!!!!!! It will be awesome and we will rock people's socks. It will just be a hellish week for me. I'm proud of him though. Yay.

* I fainted friday night in the shower. I think I am dehydrated and have been. I get so busy I forget to eat and drink and then I take too many pills for my notorious tooth aches. Scary.

* I'm going to the ballet on the 30th in Kato. They are doing "Alice in Wonderland". Hubby and I are going. He's going to buy me a dress, out to dinner, ballet, bars, and then we're staying at the hotel. I am excited to get out of town for a bit. I am going to wear my hair in a beehive. Awesome.

*Spring is here today. Finally! 81 degrees and heavenly! Now I just got to get our 3.5 acres mowed. Damn you broken mower. Sigh.

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