Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things About Me That Normally Don't Come Up in a First Conversation

i took eleven years of piano and i cannot read music.

i was adopted and i was always convinced i was really some long lost princess.

i kill every single house plant i get. but not on purpose. even cactuses.

i taught myself latin because i got bored one time.

i was a virgin until my husband.

i love cartoons. i wish they were real.

when my brother was 5, i convinced him to run away from home. i packed him clothes and made him food and drew him a map. he was gone for a whole 9 hours before my parents found him and i was in a lot of trouble.

i once snuck into a boys bathroom dressed as a boy just to tag a stall.

i went to a christian school in 4th grade and got the crap beat out of me everyday. that's were i learned how to swear too.

i think dinosaurs are awesome. rawr.

i hate adults that wear clothes with disney characters on them. like're old.

i went to france on a missions trip and came back with an english boyfriend.

i smoke way too many cigarettes.

i found my biological family on facebook. weird. i know.

i watched somebody die after a murder.

i worked as a bartender in a strip joint for a whole week. it was super entertaining and very odd.

i've dyed my hair at least 20 times. at least...

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