Thursday, March 19, 2009

My freaky dream

So I don't normally post things like the following because I would be too afraid of what people might think of me...but I have to post this:

So this afternoon, I caught a little nap before my husband had to go to work. I was very tired and fell asleep right away. I had two fairly good dreams that I can't remember, but I do remember in my dream thinking this can't be rea,l pinch me. I pinched myself and didn't wake up and finally forced my eyes awake and saw my bedroom...So I knew I was dreaming and went right back into. The third dream I had was a little more intense...still foggy though. This is what I remember: It was some afternoon and My husband, daughter, and I had my husband's family at our house. it was a nice day and then something started to go wrong ( I don't remember what). Something like the weather or power. Then, we started to have a lot of water issues in the house. Pipes were leaking and our septic wasn't working right...but it was all very mild...just a lot of water. Then the floors in our house started to sag from all the water. For some reason my husband and daughter were sleeping in the bedroom. I ran up to the room and my daughter's playpen had began to sink through the floor and I felt really panicked. I grabbed her and woke up my husband. He woke up and when we looked out the window, there was water rushing from all over our property right up and into the house and the structure started to sink. Then it stormed very briefly and then a bunch of flies started to gather and the noise was very loud. I started to get scared and after a bit, the flies ended and it started to snow. I said to my husband that I thought this was the Apocolypse, and started to pray out loud very hard. Then it started to get very hot and it felt like the tops of our heads were going to explode from the heat (but nothing was hurting us) and we felt peace. Then we're in a typical looking city in a building. There's a sermon going on and people I've never met all over the place. We ask and found out we're in heaven. It wasn't all beautiful, it just looked like a regular place and there were people all over that looked as if they were volunteering. Some people were out on the street talking and people were inside and everyone is acting like nothing even happened. There was a long table with like 3 volunteer looking people where you could go and find out if your loved ones were in heaven at that time. We went and the first person we asked about was my father-in-law. The lady told us he was clear. Then went to ask about my mother-in-law and they told us to ask tommorrow. They could only tell us one at a time. I don't remember all the other stuff, but then we're all back on earth. Everybody is still very calm as if nothing really happened. We are still in a city-looking place. We start to walk and as we're walking past all the destroyed homes, a girl behind me makes a comment about how pissed she is that her books, now laying in piles on the sidewalk, are ruined. Then, I meet up with some friends and my husband seperates to go do something. Me and my friends are amazed because people are looting and stealing other's things. (Seriously, don't you think that would be the last of your worries during the end times?) Then my husband comes back in our car (somehow) and has a bunch of stolen road signs. And that's about all I remember. I just woke up really scared, and moved, and peaceful. Ithought this was one of those things I just had to share to get others minds going too.

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  1. that's really creepy. my post time was 3:33. Not cool. i'm going to lose sleep tonight. Yikes!