Thursday, March 19, 2009

LIght Under the Door

Sprinkle your magic dust and turn me into the girl who lays there and wants the touch,
the touch she wouldn't normally want,
but that you're about to give.
Watch this room collide with the curve of your back as I breathe hard and try to speak the words I lack.
Feel my body tremor uncontrollably as we spin into a deep oblivion,
digging my grave.
Try to lift my arm,
try to touch you,
just try to be brave.
Try to utter or scream over the breathing that controls me:
Help... Someone please save me.
Look at the room shrinking smaller around your smile and see it bust at the seams...
Just focus on the light under the door...
Try to reach for the water at the foot of the bed.
Sit up,
fall down,
we all fall down and around and around and east and west and north and south.
Feel my body weighed down by the length of yours leaving a double image of mine laying there,
trying to get you to hear the words I just said.
Notice the room turning a faint shade of red.
Picture my family portrait,
my brothers in the front,
parents in the back.
Imagine me still weightless,
still dead.
So is this rape or confusion?
Confusion over what I would do or what I have done or what I want to or what I can do with a little enchantment from your special drug.
As you wrap me in the hug of this drug,
a limbo,
but not a disco,
cause the lights are actually pretty there...
Toss and turn and yearn and burn to slip into the light under the door.
So take your flag and drive it into my spine,
claim as your territory for this morning and most of the night.

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