Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the arms of Inspiration...Let me waste away

Throttle the swan and sing of beauty everyday.
Found , once again, blundering ethics while left lost.
Stupidity pulls the weight of the fallen.
Hate's cruel unexposures revealed in the hypocrisy of joy and love.
Raise your arms,
lose yourself,
and begin again.

Like the light of a party in full swing.
Reflections and shadows gracing the windows with their private dance.
Alcohol warming mouths and drama being spoken louder than necessary.
Laughter and whispers.
So this is how she shall live life...

"Stupid Potheads Leaving the Windows Open"
Giggles upon inebriated night air lingers round my ears pulling me from sleep.
My eyes beg refuge in comatose harmony to this chilled night.
This pen writes of this cigarette smoke tracking in pale circles.
I'm wishing very hard that someone will shut that damn window.

Waking up to your shower of kisses,
melting into the circle of your arms.
Some call it fleeting,
but I can smile at your glances and trust in these moments as lasting.

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